Welcome to Adam & Siam.

Asian Bistro Culture in the heart of the capital.

A place full of surprises and ambiance.

A table filled with rich flavours: pure and original.

But first and foremost extraordinary service with a warm welcome and a source of meeting one another:

west meets east

culture meets kitchen

Amsterdam embraces Asia

In our historical building, with entrances at Rokin and Nes - for many generations already a melting pot of the eastern kitchen and ?guts from Amsterdam? - you can enjoy a devine chicken cashew or a Dutch ribeye.

Besides there are changing art exhibitions displayed.

Stroll around and marvel at all the works. Will you unexpectedly walk out today with a newly purchased piece of art under your arm?

So take your time, relax and discover what our menu and our beautiful location have to offer you.

Enjoy your meal! / รับประทานอาหาร!


The Asian Bistro culture